Google Cardboard Apps

Here you will find the most comprehensive list of Google Cardboard Compatible apps available today.

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VR Crossy Road

Mobile hit Crossy Road makes the leap to VR with impressive results. The basic mechanics of the game lend themselves well to virtual reality, as you hop across a sequence of roads and try to avoid getting splattered. If you’ve ever played Frogger, you’ll know what to expect.

Free, App Store or Google Play


Discovery VR

Science news can be interesting all by itself, but imagine if you could combine it with an immersive medium. Well, that’s exactly what Discovery does with its VR app. It pumps out three types of content: DNews Labs, short news stories that put you into the science-y action; Let’s Go Places, excursions to places like symphonies; and Discovery Presents, short documentaries about various subjects, like malaria.

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